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    Lawyers for Muslim Laws in Ganesh Pur, Roorkee

    Lawyers for Muslim Law in ganesh pur, roorkee: if you wish to adjudicate your issues in accordance with the Muslim personal laws, Lawtendo is the platform for you to hire experienced Muslim law attorneys easily and avail our legal services at fixed charges.

    INTRODUCTION: disputes in ganesh pur, roorkee are governed by both central legislations and personal laws. For the very reason that ganesh pur, roorkee is a democratic country where it is the fundamental right of a person to follow, propagate any religion of their choice and to be governed according to the customs and rituals of their religion. Personal laws in ganesh pur, roorkee are in the form of Hindu marriage act, 1956; the Parsi marriage and divorce act, 1969; the dissolution of Muslim marriage act, 1939; the ganesh pur, roorkeen divorce act, 1969; the Muslim women (protection) act, 1986 etc. Also there have been setup an all ganesh pur, roorkee Muslim personal law board (AIMPLB) in 1973 to ensure applicability of Muslim personal laws in ganesh pur, roorkee....

    GOVERNING LAWS: Muslims in ganesh pur, roorkee are governed by

    • Muslim personal law (shariat) application act of 1937: This is an umbrella legislation which adjudicates disputes regarding matters of marriage, succession, inheritance, divorce, custody of child, charities etc.

    • The Muslim women (protection of rights on divorce) act, 1986: this was enacted to protect the rights of the women who were divorced by the men for matters like maintenance, mahr etc.

    • The dissolution of Muslim marriage act, 1939: this act provides for grounds and process of divorce by a Muslim woman.

    • The wakf act, 1913: this act governs the dedication of property by a Muslim for the purposes which Islamic law considers ac pious, religious and charitable.

    WHAT WE DO: Lawtendo facilitates top rated Muslim law lawyers for your Muslim personal law adjudication and matters connected therewith. Since these personal laws require knowledge and understanding of the scope and nature of the law, we maintain a team of professionals who are experienced in dealing with personal law cases and thus can provide a client with proper guidance and best possible solutions. our team always strive to deliver the best and thus we consolidated a list of finest personal law attorneys in the ganesh pur, roorkee. To hire an attorney with expertise in the required area, use Lawtendo which makes it easy for you to appoint an attorney in your ganesh pur, roorkee.

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