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Difference between Private limited Company and LLP
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PRIVATE COMPANY (Pvt Company)Section 2(68) of Companies Act, 2013 characterizes private companies. As indicated by that, Private l...Read More

Jonica E

Company due diligence for startups
Startup Blogs

Any startup that is looking to raise funding from a 3rd party is going to be subject to some level of scrutiny. The prospective in...Read More

Sparsh Goyal

IBC Amendment Ordinance 2020
Recover of money Blogs

In a democratic setup it is the responsibility of the Legislature to make laws that are attuned to the realities of the present an...Read More

Advocate Srikaanth S. Iyyer

Complete Guide on FIR
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FIR one of the most common terms used in law that has attained a common parlance today. At times, it is used to genuinely report c...Read More

Advocate Srikaanth S. Iyyer

Analysis of Draft Competition Amendment Bill, 2020
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The aim of the market is to attract the customers to buy the goods and services. Different sellers all over the market want to rul...Read More

Barbie Duggal

What are the different Sexual Harassment Laws in India
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Women have been subjugated, discriminated against, and systematically oppressed throughout history. From the women's voting moveme...Read More

Bhupender Tanwar

Suspension of Labour Laws
Employment Blogs

“We need to learn to live with the virus”. These were the words of the joint secretary of Union Health Ministry ‘Lav Agarwal...Read More

Bhupender Tanwar

Why was RERA introduced
Property Blogs

Housing is one of the basic needs of humans. Among other basic human rights such as, safety, education, food and social security, ...Read More

Advocate Uday Bedi

Complete Guide on your Property Rights
Property Blogs

In a layman’s language, the terms ‘ownership’ and ‘possession’ often get confusing. People usually think both these term...Read More

Vasudha Chadha

Legal Rights of Employees
Employment Blogs

“Employees are the soul of the association” legal entities all organization in the entire we do cannot survive even for a seco...Read More

Kumkum Sharma

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